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Meketa Investment Group regards each search as unique, driven by specific client needs, and requiring a fresh and comprehensive review of the marketplace. To facilitate our searches for appropriate managers, we use eVestment Alliance and Morningstar databases to conduct broad initial screens of the manager universe. Additionally, we compile our own proprietary manager database of approximately 2,000 investment managers and over 3,500 of their respective investment products. Each search is conducted in an open, competitive manner, consistent with our role as a fiduciary.

We post RFPs for certain investment manager searches. If you are interested in participating in a search, please download the RFP and submit it, as described below.

Warren Wilson College - Manager Searches
The Trustees of the Warren Wilson College Endowment Fund would be pleased to receive indications of interest regarding capabilities and experience in managing passive index OR active strategies that exclude fossil fuel exposure. Portfolio fossil fuel exposure will be evaluated by comparing securities owned to the Carbon Underground 200 listing of Coal and Oil/Gas companies. The requested portfolios, along with estimated market values, are provided below:

- High Yield - $2.5 million
- Intl. Developed Equities - $5 million
- Emerging Market Equities - $5 million
- Global Equities - $10 million

Indication of Interest deadline: January 31, 2018 @ 4:00 pm EST

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