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Meketa Investment Group's investment professionals regularly prepare specialized "white papers" detailing the risks and opportunities implicit in various types of investments. We generally produce six to eight white papers per year, and each of these publications is available to our clients as part of our consulting services. The following is a partial list of our white paper library to provide a sense of the breadth and depth of topics that we have researched in the past few years.

Public Natural Resource Equities (last update: 6/2016)

U.S. Small Cap Equity: Which Benchmark is Best? (last update: 4/2016)

Alternative Beta Strategies (last update: 2/2016)

Private Equity Primer (last update: 11/2015)

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) (last update: 10/2015)

Economic Regime Management® (last update: 9/2015)

Evaluating Commodity Exposure Opportunities (last update: 4/2015)

Liability Driven Investing (last update: 12/2014)

Emerging Market Debt (last update:  10/2014)

Active Manager Performance: Alpha and Persistence (last update: 3/2014)

Emerging Market: Inflation-Linked Bonds (last update: 6/2013)

Achieving Your Target Return (last update: 10/2012)

Global Equities (last update: 8/2012)

Arithmetic vs. Geometric Means (last update: 3/2012)

Tail Risk Management (last update: 2/2012)

Foreign Small Cap Equities (last update: 1/2012)

Target Date Funds (last update: 1/2012)

Endpoint Bias (last update: 12/2011)

Preferred Stocks (last update: 9/2011)

Emerging Market Equities (last update: 8/2011)

Small- and Middle-Market Buyouts (last update:  4/2011)

The Art of Selecting Investment Managers (last update: 10/2010)

Risk Parity (last update: 4/2010)

Timberland (last update: 4/2010)

Frontier Markets (last update: 2/2010)

Risk Budgeting (last update: 1/2010)

Commodities (last update: 12/2009)

Bank Loans (last update: 10/2009)

Why Non-Core Real Estate (last update: 9/2009)

Natural Resources (last update: 3/2009)

Infrastructure (last update: 2/2009)

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