General Consulting: Overview

Meketa Investment Group has been providing general consulting to institutional plans sponsors services for over 40 years. Since 1978, we have served as independent fiduciaries to institutional plan sponsors, providing creative investment solutions custom tailored to fit the unique circumstances of each client. Our General Investment Consulting Services include all work related to the long-term planning and positioning of client portfolios:

Consulting Philosophy

Meketa Investment Group takes an active role in the funds we serve. We provide more than just "arms length" advice. To protect the funds and the board members, who otherwise shoulder all of the responsibility, Meketa Investment Group embraces fiduciary responsibility in our role as investment consultant. We believe in a proactive approach which includes bringing our best ideas to our clients. We believe our role as investment consultant is two-fold: to assist clients in setting their objectives, and to assist clients in achieving those objectives. We provide continuing education on investment topics with the philosophy that informed clients are more likely to make prudent investment decisions.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy involves the following:
  • Primary focus on strategic advice (i.e., a long-term approach to investing)
    • Asset allocation will be the largest determinant of a Fund's performance
  • Diversify very broadly to protect against a wide variety of risks
  • Avoid unnecessary risks
  • Invest in primarily generative assets
  • Be skeptical regarding new investment strategies or fads
  • Create efficient, cost effective portfolios
    • Focus active management on less efficient asset classes and passive management on more efficient asset classes
  • Use best-in-class managers
  • Minimize fees and other expenses
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