Private Markets: Overview

Meketa Investment Group's private markets consulting and advisory services offers custom investment program design and implementation. Our private markets is highly specialized. In 2007, Meketa Investment Group formalized existing areas of specialization with distinct teams to conduct due diligence in the areas of private equity, private debt, infrastructure, natural resources/timber, real estate and hedge funds. Each team evaluates investment opportunities within their given area of expertise.

At Meketa Investment Group, we have the organizational depth and breadth to provide world class private markets investment expertise. Our team casts a global net to offer clients access to the world's most sought after private market investments.

Private Markets Asset Class Expertise


Private Equity Infrastructure  
Private Debt Real Estate  
Venture Capital Natural Resources/Timber 

We recognize investing in private markets is more complex than traditional asset classes. Consequently, we provide each client with a customized private markets programs based on their desired level of service. As a result, our private markets services are available on a discretionary, non-discretionary, or project basis.

Our private markets consulting services involve all of the work required to create a custom investment program for private markets asset classes including:

  • Strategic Planning, Investment Policy Design, Pacing Analysis
  • Partnership Analysis & Legal Review
  • Program Monitoring & Review
  • Cash Flow Coordination

Consulting Philosophy

Meketa Investment Group's investment consulting philosophy is firmly grounded in our dedication to providing customized solutions for the varying needs of our clients. We maintain a high level of flexibility with respect to the scope of services and levels of discretion we provide. Our clients have unique investment goals and constraints, and we seek to work closely and diligently with each of them to design and implement a well-tailored program. The development of an investment plan is a collaborative process that combines the best practices developed by Meketa Investment Group and the unique needs and insights of each client.

Investment Philosophy

We apply a thoughtful approach to Private Markets investing utilizing our experience and research. We focus on identifying and investing with the top managers.

We favor managers with the following characteristics:

  • Ability to exploit market inefficiencies — often through sector insights or relationships
  • Capability to add value to their assets — help a company grow, adapt their strategy, upgrade systems or add management capabilities
  • Demonstrated track record of success in executing their investment strategy
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