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Meketa Investment Group has been providing investment and advisory consulting services to institutional plan sponsors for over thirty years. Our clients include some of the nation's largest and most sophisticated institutional investors. We work closely with public and private plan sponsors, helping clients control costs, diversify risk, manage portfolios of alternative investments, heighten fiduciary oversight, and achieve their investment goals.

Taft-Hartley Funds

Meketa Investment Group has been working with Taft-Hartley clients since the inception of our firm. In 1978 we were hired by our first Taft-Hartley client, a relationship that continues to this day. Consulting to Taft-Hartley clients is a significant area of concentration and pride for our firm.

Public Funds

Meketa Investment Group began consulting for public funds in 1998, when we were hired by our first Massachusetts public pension fund, which remains a client today. We understand the needs and challenges of public funds. Meketa Investment Group actively participates in several public pension plan industry events nationwide and are currently affiliated with the organizations that keep us apprised of unique issues and developments affecting public employee retirement systems.

Foundations & Endowments

Meketa Investment Group has been working with foundation and endowment clients for over 25 years. We provide all of our clients with advice that we believe will provide strong returns over the long run. Our philosophy with respect to endowment/foundation management is that endowments should take advantage of their status as long-term investors, while remaining cognizant of the spending and liquidity needs of the institutions they support.

Corporate & Non-Profits

Meketa Investment Group works with corporate and non-profit clients to assist them in defined benefit and defined contribution planning. As a fiduciary, we assist plans in meeting their investment goals and objectives for their employees through customized investment programs and asset-liability/allocation decisions.

Defined Benefit Plans

Meketa Investment Group has been providing investment consulting and advisory services to defined benefit plans for over thirty-two years. We work with boards, investment staff, committees and trustees on all aspects of managing a defined benefit investment program. Our works includes Strategic Investment Advice, which includes asset allocation, investment policy, manager selection and evaluation, and performance evaluation and measurement. Additionally, we provide our clients with Fund Coordination services, which help to control costs, reduce risks, and protect our clients’ funds. These services include supervising manager transitions, crisis response plans, management of cash flows, and fee negotiations.

Defined Contribution Plans

Meketa Investment Group has been providing advisory services to defined contribution plans for over 20 years. We work with plan sponsors to ensure that a plan’s investment menu meets the diversification needs of a broad range of plan participants. We assist plan sponsors with manager selection and oversight, investment policy development, and plan design.

Health Plans, OPEBs & VEBAs

Meketa Investment Group has been providing investment consulting services to health and welfare funds, OPEBs, VEBAs and insurance-related funds since 1995.

High Net Worth Families

Meketa Investment Group works with private clients to provide institutional-level investing advice to high net worth individuals and family offices.

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