Liability & Liquidity Studies

Matching investments (assets) with liabilities has long been a strength of our firm, and an area in which we have produced pioneering work. Working with a plan's actuaries or investment office, Meketa Investment Group calculates the assets required to make all benefit payments on time even in an economic catastrophe.

When performing an asset liability study, we work with a plan's Board members and actuary to obtain and understand the fund's liability structure. Liability estimates include both most likely expectations and one or more worst-case liability scenarios. Meketa Investment Group's asset-liability study consists of five components that are necessary to reach an optimal asset allocation recommendation.

  1. Developing Economic and Capital Market Scenarios
  2. Developing Asset Allocation Policies
  3. Determining Impact of Scenarios on the Various Asset Allocation Policies
  4. Determining the Impact of Scenarios on Fund Liabilities
  5. Developing Outputs of the Asset-Liability Study
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